1. Thanks for the comments. If you are serious about writing the UW Writer’s Conference is great to attend. It is held at theMadison Concourse annually. In 2020 it will be March 26, 27, 28, 29


  2. Hi Rose! I remember and can picture you from high school, but I would never recognize you on the street any more. I am from Mary Ann’s class of “58 and lived on Green Bay Street, as you girl’s left me and kept right on walking on our way home from school. So exciting to hear you are a writer. I should be too, but I don’t have a clue how to even get started. I do blog lots on the computer and write lots of letters to editors, but can’t imagine how to write a whole book, though my life is full of reams of stories. mary Ann just told me how to find you.~~Mary Grabinski Grabski


  3. Grandma once again I feel overwhelming blessed to have you in my life and most of all to have the chance to read about your most inner feelings and opinions. Buy the little ones a dolly was a wonderful tribute to our family legacy. Say it isn’t so and then make lemonade is something very different and beautiful. I believe if we all talked this calmly about today’s issues that face us all, the world would be a much better place. Thank you for showing us the way. One of my favorite lines in the book is from the racism chapter… “it feels like the United Nations” and I answered “And isn’t it wonderful? “ Besides the social issues losing my mom has been the biggest loss and it’s made every other problem I’ve ever had or have minute. I now understand what made you the strong amazing woman I met when I was born. I’ve been fascinated with your wisdom and this has only brought me more insight as to how to pick myself up and dust myself off. Again thank you for letting me dive into a world of you, most grandchildren are never this lucky. Love Jennifer


  4. hi, Rose:
    I enjoyed Say It Isn’t So…and Then Make Lemonade. You are right from the heart. Out of the 10 chapters, most fill my life. My son, Tim passed away of a brain stem stroke this January, and I had a slight stroke in August 2019. I have put down animals, visited relatives in prison. I could write more, but remember the family when you lived in Madison. Love Sue


  5. Hi Rose! I met you briefly at the Wisconsin Writer’s Institute when you signed a copy of your memoir for me. Just finished reading it last night. It was lovely. What a beautiful testament to family.


  6. Today I read Your Book, Cried through the whole thing, Thank You so much for putting your words to paper. It means so much to me. Thank You, Love always “Patricia”


  7. I just finished my mothers book, I laughed, I Cried(multiple times), and I’m in awe of the perseverance and strength of her and her brothers and sisters! I highly recommend this book to all, it’s an quick and easy read that keeps you riveted from cover to cover. It’s inspirational and heart warming, with moments of struggle and fear, culminating with answers they thought may never come. Purchase your copy today!


  8. Received your book Weds. Morning and finished it that night. What a special book and a tribute to you and your family.

    Paula Heitzler


  9. Rose,how exciting! We will not be able to attend the launching, but would love to purchase a copy of your book. How do we do that? Online?? Or if you guys come to Madison, perhaps we can meet and get our “signed copy” then!! Congrats…Ralph and Mary Jane


  10. I’m very excited to read the book, Rose. What a wonderful accomplishment! I have ordered 2 books, one for myself and another for my daughter Eleana. I would love it if you could autograph each of them. I will come to the event if possible or perhaps ask another member of our lunch bunch to bring the books to me. Many thanks.


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