Have you ever watched the second hand clicking off time?Time we cannot stop. We must treat each second as a gem. No wasted moments.

Do you walk down the street not looking at anyone, your day’s agenda filling your thoughts? Take a second to greet a passer-by. No wasted moments.

Do you walk in the door and start venting about work, the traffic… Stop and ask your spouse, your children, “How was your day?”. No wasted moments.

Are you oblivious to the beauty around you? A flower, raindrops on your face, a sunrise or sunset? Stop–take a mental photo. No wasted moments.

Are you glued to the TV, computer, or I-phone? Why not call a friend, visit a loved one, take a nature walk. Treat your time like a prized possession. No wasted moments.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Seconds on a clock as precious as diamonds. No wasted moments.