When I was fifteen and the oldest of seven, my mother disappeared.  The year was 1952 and I would not have answers for fifty-nine years.  My mission in life was to keep my family united even when separated between five foster homes.  My memoir is written with love and compassion. Pay Now
Say it isn't so and then make LemonadeThis book was inspired by reviews received from readers of my memoir, Buy The Little Ones A Dolly. This book is a collection of personal stories and poetry that I hope will help others deal in a positive way with all types of grief: death in the family, empty nest syndrome, cancer, loss of pets, racism, and incarceration.


Pay Now

3 thoughts on “PLACING AN ORDER–Page one

  1. Hi Rose, I’m thoroughly enjoying your book! My daughter and sister want to read it when I’m done, which will be soon. I was hoping you could send me the recipe for the Robins Nests that I remember so fondly making with Mary,Julie and Michelle!I would love to make these with my grandaughters and start a new tradition! Thinking of you all, love Jodie Spahn (Rogers)


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