Book Launch

Four weeks from today will be my book launch for SAY IT ISN’T SO AND THEN MAKE LEMONADE. It will be on JULY 13, 2019 at the Wisconsin Dells Public Library 1PM -4PM. Four authors I know pre-read my book and wrote a review.


The following review is from Greg Renz, author of BENEATH THE FLAMES

I begin every day with thirty minutes on my stationary bike. This is where I start reading novels and memoirs. If those thirty minutes take an agonizingly long time to complete, the book is discarded. I give a book this thirty minutes to pull me into the story. There are so many books to read and so little time.
Rose E. Bingham’s SAY IT ISN’T SO grabbed my attention from the first line and never let go. The timer went off on my exercise bike without me ever looking away from her poignant stories. Thirty minutes went by in a flash. After riding my bike, I usually head to my office. Later in the day, I’ll read the book that got my attention that morning. But not this day. I had to keep reading this to the end in one sitting. My office had to wait.
There is something in these stories for everyone: stories of loss and redemption, guilt and forgiveness. I laughed and I cried out loud while reading her captivating stories. I guarantee you will too.
Rose E. Bingham is not only a master story teller, she is a gifted poet with a beautiful command of language. She inspires us with eternal hope while dealing with life challenges most of us can only imagine.
Beautiful. Five stars doesn’t seem like enough.
I could write pages and pages of how I was affected by these poignant stories, but I will leave you with the list of chapters that is Rose E. Bingham’s inspirational journey.
The Rebirth; Empty Nest Syndrome; Loss of Pets; Cancer; Death of a Patient-I Am Ready; Racism; Incarceration; Politics; Death of Family Members or Friends; Cleanse the Palate.