Book Launch

My book launch for SAY IT ISN’T SO AND THEN MAKE LEMONADE was on JULY 13, 2019 at the Wisconsin Dells Public Library. I appreciate those of you who have been purchasing books and to those who have agreed to book an event.


The following  is the Foreword written by Rex Owens, author of the Irish Troubles series.

Both Rose Bingham and I are Henschel Haus authors. Rose has been a guest on my radio show, ‘My World and Welcome to It,’ and I’ve invited her to be my guest to help launch Say It Isn’t So. Rose is also my friend.
My father always said: “Eat more nails, son.” Growing up I never had the courage or curiosity to ask him what that meant. My father had a reputation for having a hat box full of idioms, this was only one.
Rose has experienced more loss than most. She dedicates Say It Isn’t So to her daughters. Michelle died in 2017 and Mary in 2018. She shares her journey about dealing with grief, in a no frills, honest narrative and poetry. Working as a nurse for forty-three years Rose is compassionate and non-judgmental, she shares her experience with one patient she guided on his journey to death.
With all of her grief Rose’s bedrock is her Catholic faith. Rose has a heroic ability to not question but to accept life’s challenges—even her breast cancer. Most of us avoid grief in any way possible. To be honest, Rose’s husband, Mike, has a different approach to life’s events, but because of their mutual respect for each other it all works out.
In the Prologue Rose says: None of us is immune from grief; healing comes from dealing with it. My Dad would say, “Rose eats more nails.”