My memoir is now published by HenschelHAUS Publishing.  The title is BUY THE LITTLE ONES A DOLLY.  It is an inspirational memoir in which I share my journey through life after my mother disappeared when I was fifteen.  My mission in life was maintaining contact with my six siblings even when split between five foster homes.

Here is an excerpt from a letter I received from my mom, six months after she left–no return address:  A copy of this letter is in my book. 

“It’s been an awful lonely world kiddies. Loving you and wanting you. Especially now at Christmas time when we always had such a good time together. Mummy is sending $50.00 she saved up to make it a little happier even if Mummy can’t be there. Maybe God will let us be together someday—how I hope and pray. Babies Mama loves you and it isn’t easy for Mama. Don’t let anyone tell you Mama has forgotten you, cause darling children—nobody but God knows how terribly I miss you, how alone Mama feels every moment I live away from you. How are my babies? Rosie, buy them a real nice dolly. I mean Patsy, Rita, and Barbie, and you bigger kiddies what ever you need.”



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