Why wouldn’t one write?
We have reference material
right at our fingertips.

We have the alphabet,
twenty-six letters to do with
as we please.

We can create sadness,
happiness, surprise,
wonderment, mystery, and love.

We all have life experiences.
They are all different.
We can share them.

Walking outdoors is
like entering a library
with rows and rows
of subject matter.

We can write about a
crimson maple leaf
floating in a puddle, or of a
sunset with a palette of color
that takes your breath away.

Not all is happiness.
There is death lurking in the shadows,
abuse, drugs and alcohol—
subjects that need to be written about.

Pick up your pen and paper
and start writing.
You are not alone.
You have the alphabet, nature, life,
and imagination.

Writing is beautiful!



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4 thoughts on “POETRY

  1. Hello, Rose; Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. I read it in two sessions, and liked it very much. Thank you for sharing your compelling story with us. I like the look of your book, too; and am glad to know of the publishing house that created it for you. I had a nightmare (including being censored!) with the first publisher I worked with (Xlibris); so for my second book, I worked with CreateSpace (part of Amazon). I will follow you, now that I know of you, and look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you again for writing your amazing story of all seven of you! What an accomplishment all of you reached in your lives! I love all of the Wisconsin authors who have experienced such diversification. I’m proud to say that I am also a Wisconsinite, even though I live in Illinois now. My heart is still up there.


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