This week we had our monthly HenschelHAUS Author’s Zoom meeting. In spite of Covid, writers are writing and new books are in the horizon. This is not all the authors in our group so I apologize for the ones not mentioned, but here is a partial list of some excellent writers. Google their names and see what they have written. There is a broad spectrum of topics: Aging, Suicide, Mystery, Sorting Photos, War, Horses, Thriller, Light Romance, Environment.

Bobbi Linkemer — Molly Bartelt

Louise Moore — Karen Lukasavitz

Jerry Apps— Karen Voss

Amy Landrie— Geoff Carter

Margaret Goss— Kathleen Ernst

Nick Chiarkas— Greg Renz

I recently returned from a trip to the Holy Land. You can view narrative and photos on Facebook@rosesteinmetzbingham. I will soon be posting an article: REFLECTIONS of a PILGRIM WALKING in the FOOTSTEPS of JESUS

May angels always be with you on your life’s journey.

One thought on “FROM ME TO YOU

  1. Trying to contact you about the book I talked to you about at the Sterling North Book Festival. I read Buy the Little Ones a Dolly and just want to make contact with you and say how much I liked reading your memoir and to congratulate you on your achievements. Hopefully we can chat about it soon.
    Rita Fox


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