My memoir is now published by HenschelHAUS Publishing.  The title is BUY THE LITTLE ONES A DOLLY.  It is an inspirational memoir in which I share my journey through life after my mother disappeared when I was fifteen.  My mission in life was maintaining contact with my six siblings even when split between five foster homes.

Here is an excerpt from a letter I received from my mom, six months after she left–no return address:  A copy of this letter is in my book. 

“It’s been an awful lonely world kiddies. Loving you and wanting you. Especially now at Christmas time when we always had such a good time together. Mummy is sending $50.00 she saved up to make it a little happier even if Mummy can’t be there. Maybe God will let us be together someday—how I hope and pray. Babies Mama loves you and it isn’t easy for Mama. Don’t let anyone tell you Mama has forgotten you, cause darling children—nobody but God knows how terribly I miss you, how alone Mama feels every moment I live away from you. How are my babies? Rosie, buy them a real nice dolly. I mean Patsy, Rita, and Barbie, and you bigger kiddies what ever you need.”



Poetry for February can be viewed on my Poetry Page

The Writer’s Journey

19 thoughts on “The Writer’s Journey

  1. I’m very excited to read the book, Rose. What a wonderful accomplishment! I have ordered 2 books, one for myself and another for my daughter Eleana. I would love it if you could autograph each of them. I will come to the event if possible or perhaps ask another member of our lunch bunch to bring the books to me. Many thanks.


  2. Rose,how exciting! We will not be able to attend the launching, but would love to purchase a copy of your book. How do we do that? Online?? Or if you guys come to Madison, perhaps we can meet and get our “signed copy” then!! Congrats…Ralph and Mary Jane


  3. Received your book Weds. Morning and finished it that night. What a special book and a tribute to you and your family.

    Paula Heitzler


  4. I just finished my mothers book, I laughed, I Cried(multiple times), and I’m in awe of the perseverance and strength of her and her brothers and sisters! I highly recommend this book to all, it’s an quick and easy read that keeps you riveted from cover to cover. It’s inspirational and heart warming, with moments of struggle and fear, culminating with answers they thought may never come. Purchase your copy today!


  5. Today I read Your Book, Cried through the whole thing, Thank You so much for putting your words to paper. It means so much to me. Thank You, Love always “Patricia”


  6. Hi Rose! I met you briefly at the Wisconsin Writer’s Institute when you signed a copy of your memoir for me. Just finished reading it last night. It was lovely. What a beautiful testament to family.


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